Ultimate Injection Waterproofing Services: Empowering Your Structure Against Moisture

Remedial Building Services Sydney
Sydney Waterproofing Services
Sydney Waterproofing Services
Sydney Waterproofing Services
Sydney Waterproofing Services
Sydney Waterproofing Services
Sydney Waterproofing Services

Sydney Injection Waterproofing Services (One that works and lasts, with a 25-year warranty)

We face very extreme and harsh weather conditions in Australia and many of the variable construction and post-construction projects that are heavily affected by the weather, water table, and underground conditions, face ongoing water ingress problems in balconies, basements, Concrete Crack, and lift shafts.


To combat this, we install our own flexible water-based rubber emulsion injectable product to stop the water ingress issues faced by our clients. Our product, the D-seal system is a two-pack solution that forms a permanent and flexible rubber seal within cracks and fractures in concrete, brickwork, and masonry. The first part of the solution is injected under pressure and permeates the structure replacing the leaking water. Injection and Remedial Waterproofing


The second part of the solution is also injected under pressure and acts as a reactive agent to form the permanent rubber fill. Pressure from water ingress assists in “sandwiching” the D-seal solution into the leaking structure, ensuring a flexible, permanent, and water-tight seal. Work conducted with concrete tidal swimming pools and high negative-pressure basement walls in Australia has proven to be effective, in stopping high-pressure water ingress in a matter of only a couple of hours. Our injectable product has proven to be a market leader and the results we achieve a second to none. This truly needs to be seen to be appreciated. injection and remedial waterproofing 
Injection waterproofing services
High way Crack
Concreate Crack

Our own specialist strata and body corporate injectable system.

This service has become a Strata Manager’s dream and we deliver results on leaks that they have been trying to fix for many years. Don’t just take our word for it or doubt it because of your previous experience with epoxy and resin-based injectable systems. Contact DS Projects and see what we can do for yourself. We deliver results and back our products & services with a 25-year warranty. Injection and remedial waterproofing

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DS Projects boasts an exceptional team of seasoned professionals, each with extensive experience in the art of Sydney waterproofing.


At DS Projects, we don't just deliver exceptional Sydney waterproofing services; we stand behind our work with confidence. Our commitment to your satisfaction extends to a comprehensive 25-year warranty.


We believe that the foundation of exceptional Sydney waterproofing services begins with the materials we use. We take pride in our commitment to uncompromising quality, utilizing the finest high-quality materials available in the industry.

What Our Clients Say



Construction Manager

A very responsive and professional company to work with. The product, service and delivery on promises is 10/10. Highly recommended.


Construction Manager

The team at DS Projects Carried out remedial injection work on our project in NSW and they were flawless from beginning to end. Nothing was too hard for them and the professionalism they provided us was outstanding.


Project Director

The product and service provided was exceptional. Their knowledge of remedial crack injection and how to treat an area with long lasting results really blew us away. Professional and diligent from start to finish.


Site Manager

A highly attentive and knowledgeable team. They know their trade and produce the highest quality in their delivery. Plus, you wouldn’t know they were there. The cleanup and way they left the work face was fantastic. A great team and a great business.

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